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Just Rifles is proud to have partnered with transformational coach Dave Hill. Dave served as an officer in the RGJ and RIFLES for 17 years before moving into civilian roles for Amazon and Aberdeen Standard Investments. It was on reflection of the similarities between these varied roles that Dave noticed the consistent need for human connection.  

Now active as a Three Principles practitioner, Dave is interested in the way that we interact with mental wellbeing. Through a series of 60-90 minute sessions, Dave helps clients to be more gentle, both with themselves and those around them, as well as helping them to simplify what can often seem an overwhelming burden of thoughts.  

Dave started looking in this direction as a result of 6 years of conversations he’d been having with former Riflemen of his struggling with PTSD. Dave realised that just listening to the guys gave them the opportunity to see things slightly differently.  While it was a desire to help his friends that led to Dave training as a coach it quickly became apparent that he needed to do more than provide reactive support to those looking for it and that this understanding could help people with a wide range of issues, not just PTSD

Unlike conventional therapy, a conversation with Dave will not involve looking at traumatic events, unless you would find it helpful to discuss them, but will focus on how human experience is created moment to moment.  It’s by gently challenging our understanding of how experience is created, that allows our relationship to our thoughts evolve.  This is hugely empowering and help us see that we are not victims of circumstance.

Dave has had considerable success in helping clients to regain a healthy balance in life, with more time to reflect.  

If you are struggling to cope with the pace of life, or perhaps are looking to regain the power of choice over response to a stimulus or trigger, please click register your interest via Just Rifles

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