Ed served for 8+ years in 5 RIFLES as an Infantry Soldier and his role was as a Sniper.  On his 3rd tour in Iraq (2006), he was injured whilst driving a Warrior vehicle in Basra which had been hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and as a result now suffers from a severe brain injury which has also left him with challenging physical issues.  Ed is currently living in a Brain Injury unit in Leeds and visits the Help for Heroes Northern Recovery Centre (Phoenix House) every week and we try to arrange different activities and challenges for him to enjoy; this could be joining in the art therapy sessions, gardening, swimming and using our specially adapted gym – where he continues to enjoy the activities especially the physical challenges and achieves ‘personal bests’ when doing his physical activities. Ed requires 24/7 care and has to be accompanied by 2 x Resident Support Workers from his care facility.

Ed’s injury has and continues to affect his life on a day-to-day basis.  He is a manual wheelchair user but cannot propel himself due to the physical issues he has on the left hand side of his body due to his brain injury.  He is now able to walk unaided using a stick and walks on a daily basis as part of his routine. Ed is also on a strict soft foods diet and his eating/drinking regime is monitored by his Speech and Language Therapist.  He has assistance with all aspects of his personal care.  One of the main things Ed misses is his “Independence” and of course the “Infantry” very much indeed so the links with his old Army friends and Regiment are an important part of his life and he mentions them on a daily basis in some way or other. He is an accomplished artist and has showcased his art-work at many exhibitions.

Sadly, Ed is unlikely to have any major changes/improvements to his condition however; his quality of life has vastly improved due to the support he receives.