JUST RIFLES is supporting The ADVANCE Study


Just Rifles is proud to support The ADVANCE study, a ground-breaking research programme which aims to investigate the long-term mental and physical outcomes of our most serious battlefield casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan (2003-2014).

Evidence from this 20-year study will help support our current and future injured service personnel. The findings will allow medical and healthcare providers to plan the best care possible, in order to ensure these deserving men and women are not forgotten, both during and after their transition into civilian life.

The study is funded Help for Heroes, the Ministry of Defence and the Libor Fund.

The ADVANCE study is studying combat casualties and combat veterans selected by Defence Statistics as fitting the following essential criteria:

  • UK Armed Forces personnel
  • Male
  • Aged 18-49 when deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan
  • VVSI or VSI - aeromedically evacuated direct to a UK hospital or matched with someone for age and rank who was aeromedically evacuated

Participants visit the study 6 times over 20 years and undergo a series of tests (pulse, blood pressure, lung function, bone density, hearing test, mobility assessment) and fill in questionnaires about their health and quality of life.

Individuals each receive £100 as thank you for their participation and the study reimburses travel and accommodation costs.

Anyone interested in taking part or wondering about eligibility, please email dmrc-advancestudyteam@mod.uk or telephone 01372 384467.